Rising Stars 2023

IAPA is pleased to announce Rising Stars 2023 – an endeavor designed to bring together senior students of Hindustani vocal music from all schools in the United States and to give them a forum to perform, listen and derive inspiration from each other. The mission is to develop a musical community that seeks to build their musicality, inspire and be inspired, without the boundaries of gharanas, states or schools.

Rising Stars enters the fifth year of existence and the third year under the auspices of Indian Academy of
Performing Arts (IAPA). For the first two years, Rising Stars was held under the auspices of Pandit Jasraj Institute.
IAPA hopes to build on the success of previous years’ events and seeks the involvement of all the music schools and organizations throughout the country. This event is intended to provide a pathway for serious students of Hindustani vocal while providing inspiration to aspiring students. This event is not a competition; however, three people will be selected from among the nominees to present at the Rising Stars event in December 2023. In addition, this year, they will have one to two special opportunities to perform at events organized by local cultural organizations. Details are being worked out and will be announced later.

Rules and Guidelines for participants.

  1. Gurus can submit up to two nominees for their school by email to
    risingstarsiapa@gmail.com by July 1 2023
  2. Nominees then should email the following to risingstarsiapa@gmail.com by August 1st 2023
    • List all their gurus and specifically identify their current guru..
    • Say how long they have been learning Hindustani music
    • A video recording of their performance should be uploaded to YouTube and a link (s) must be provided.
    • The recording should demonstrate the nominee’s capabilities including improvisation, rag vistaar & layakari.
    • The total length of the recordings should be no longer than 15 minutes.
    • Submit a nominal fee of $40.00 to defray the costs of hosting this event
  3. Individuals may also self-nominate. In that case, they also need to follow #2 above
  4. Individuals who performed last year cannot participate for another two years.
  5. A selection panel of three gurus will review the submissions and assign points. The scores from all three gurus will be tallied to announce the three individuals who will perform in December. This year’s judges are Smt. Mitali Banerjee Bhawmik, Smt Lalita Mathur and Shri Samarth Nagarkar
  6. In order to minimize conflicts of interest, the panel of gurus will change every year.
  7. If there are multiple entries from the same school, preference will be given to nominees from the Gurus. In addition, in order to promote diversity of representation, only the top two scoring students from any one school may be selected as finalists
  8. The criteria for selection include the preparation and capability of the individual in addition to the diversity of schools represented.
  9. Selected three individuals will be expected to perform for 45 minutes each with a live tabla player, elaborating one or two ragas.
  10. As this is an event with an overarching mission, we request the selected individuals and their friends & families to watchthe entire event’s performances.
  11. Selected individuals will be need to make own arrangements for supporting artist(s).

Key Dates

  1. Nomination by Gurus – July 1 2023
  2. Online Submission and Payment (non-refundable) –August 1 2023
  3. Selected individuals will be contacted by October 2th 2023
  4. Performance will be online on Sunday December10th morning. Details to be announced.

Entry Fee

  1. A one-time, non-refundable entry fee of $40.00 per nominee is mandatory 
  2. Fee is payable by Check or PayPal (iapausa.org). No cash payment will be accepted.
  1. A one-time, non-refundable entry fee of $40.00 per nominee is mandatory.
  2. Fee is payable by Check or PayPal (iapausa.org). No cash payment will be accepted.
  3. PayPal Payment link
  4. Check Payments: 
  • Checks must be received by August 1st to be considered eligible for consideration. An Email confirmation will be sent to participant once check is received
  • Checks to be made payable to: IAPA

Please include Nominee’s Name on Check

  • Checks should be Mailed to:


15 Woodgate Drive

Monmouth Junction NJ 08852

How to Submit Video

  1. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube and link(s) emailed to risingstarsiapa@gmail.com
  2. For instructions on how to Upload a Video to YouTube, please refer to: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57407?hl=en