Welcome to IAPA

The Indian Academy of Performing Arts (IAPA) was incorporated in 1979 as a non-profit tax-exempt cultural organization with the mission of promoting Hindustani Classical music.  Since its inception, IAPA has supported both Hindustani and Carnatic music concerts, classical dance performances, lec-demo sessions on Hindustani classical music and other cultural events. IAPA has especially encouraged performances of upcoming artists visiting from India.  Apart from hosting concerts of visiting artists from India, performances of artists residing in North America also have been arranged by IAPA.


For a number of years, Indian Academy of Performing Arts supported two annual events, Sangeet Prabhat and Sangeet Rajani.  Sangeet Prabhat was a morning event in which artists from all over North America participated.  Sangeet Rajani was an event in which finalist from local music competition gave public performance.

For last two years IAPA is proud to support annual Rising Stars Event.  Rising Star is an event in which talented young students of Hindustani music are encouraged to perform and three finalists are selected by independent judges.

IAPA also provides community service with weekly messages with list of cultural events in Tri-State area during season.  To get on the mailing list, please send email request to email@iapausa.org